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Friday, 11 October 2013

What to avoid when it comes to you Childs foods

What to avoid when it comes to you Childs foods
What to avoid when it comes to you Childs foods

To prevent engorgement: Soon after birth is important to start feeding the baby as soon as possible and continue to feeding in free time (whenever the baby wants);

Whenever feeding food is important the correct position of the mother and baby and verification of signs of good catches. To treat engorgement Put the baby to nurse whenever he wants and even more frequently; Slightly decrease your fluid intake; Remove the milk from the breast, putting the baby to nurse or, when not possible by manual expression or pump (wash your hands thoroughly before touching the breasts); If the baby cannot grab, pull initially a little milk, the breast feels softer and baby can suck HEARINAFTER more effectively;

If the baby cannot breastfeed, remove the milk to a glass / cup manually or with the help of a mechanical extractor (manual or electric pump) and then offer the baby by cup, teaspoon or syringe Continue to express breast milk as often as necessary and appropriate so that the breasts become more comfortable until engorgement subsides.

To the milk skirt Important steps to make the extraction of milk (stimulating the reflex oxy tocsin) and especially if you have engorgement: BEFORE NURSE Be relaxed and the baby close to you (to hear their sounds and feel him close, because it facilitates the output of milk);

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