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Friday, 11 October 2013

Indicate the medications

Indicate the medications
Indicate the medications

This has the likely causes the use of tight clothing (bra), have been a trauma (a blow) in the breast, or because the child does not suck that area of the breast.
Also IF PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE INDICATOR OF BREAST CAN TAKE UP TO THE FREEZING OF A CHANNEL (DUCT) To treat the blocked duct To address this situation, breastfeed in different positions so as to empty all parts of the breast.

(e.g., placing the baby's body under the arm); You can get a massage at the site of the nodule (lump) with his two fingers (index and middle) or closed hand with moisturizer on her fingers, trying to direct you to the nipple (make a light pressure with your fingers in the direction of the nipple) to help empty the part of the breast, especially during the "feeding";

Wear loose clothing and bras that support, but do not tighten the breast. Mastitis If the blocked duct or channel does not drain the milk or in the case of severe engorgement, infection can occur When this occurs the area of the breast becomes red, hot, swollen and painful. This may occur in a zone of the breast (one quadrant or more). Usually occurs high fever and feels very uncomfortable. In this situation we are in the presence of mastitis.

If you have these symptoms suggest that you contact your doctor. To treat mastitis: The physician must indicate the medications you take; It is essential that rest.

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