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Friday, 11 October 2013

About Nursing your children

About Nursing your children
About Nursing your children
Your milk comes out easily and usually continues to suckle without difficulty (Figure 1). But sometimes, you may find that there is greater difficulty in milk output (Figure 2). It is important to give to nurse frequently so that baby can relieve this discomfort. It is easier to be your baby to extract milk, but it can also remove it manually or with extractor (manual or electric pump).

The important thing is to extract the milk until the breasts feel comfortable. If after nursing even check out who has the breasts hard (too full) and painful, remove some of your milk until you feel comfortable.

If at the end of breastfeeding does not feel breast discomfort, and wait quietly before breastfeeding again the breasts are too hard (too full), remove a small amount of milk and only then put your baby to suckle. Extract may facilitate the exit of milk (active oxy tocsin reflex) and make it easier to handle your baby. After a few days, since the breasts feel more comfortable. Sometimes, especially if the milk is not taken in sufficient quantity, the breasts may become engorged. In this situation the breasts are strained (hard), and painful skin becomes shiny, sometimes making it difficult to remove the milk.

The areola is tense and it is difficult to catch the baby (grab) a sufficient amount to get breast feeding. What matters is not the size of the breast, but its consistency (hard or comfortable). mothers breastfeed less often because they have pain, but this is not suitable for the production of milk in the early days remain, so does not improve engorgement and after a few days their production decreases because the child briefly breast and / or few times, so not effective, and the milk is not removed. is it possible?

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