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Friday, 11 October 2013

Tibetan massage brings harmony

Tibetan massage brings harmony
Tibetan massage brings harmony

Tibetan massage brings harmony to these principles. Furthermore, the human bodies there are about 75 points which are projections of the internal organs. "For example, clicking on a point that is in a certain place the spine, can improve heart function,” Tibetan massage treats chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, improves eyesight, and restores sleep and slows down the aging process.

Massage with spices - a special Tibetan technique. Relation to spices in Tibet is very serious. These are the same drugs, and they are selected individually. Often in the mixture, nutmeg, black and green cardamom, saffron and Szechuan pepper. Massage with volcanic stones. This type of massage there with different variations in many countries, it is especially good for relaxing tired muscles. Tibetan monks used to massage the smooth black volcanic stones.

Tibetan Herbal Massage with herbal bags. It is based on the principle of acupressure: the biologically active points affected by warm herbal tea bags. During the procedure, exfoliate dead skin cells, improves the function of the sweat and sebaceous glands and eliminates venous congestion. Chinese and Tibetan massage - the basis of most of the eastern massage systems.

Chinese massage monks used to maintain mental and physical health, and his techniques were passed from generation to generation. For him, using natural oils such as almond and jojoba "If a guest is allergic to them, the master applies the hypoallergenic powder as a researcher must slide" - explains .the master massage spa "Asia Beauty Spa".

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