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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Joey Atlas Scam - Massage is a good way to maintain the elasticity

Massage - a good way to maintain the elasticity of the muscles and skin, it increases blood circulation and lymph flow. For him, you'll need a hard brush or a special anti-cellulite massage. Massage can be done as a shower before and after him. what the users say

As the moisture, use anti-cellulite creams. Hormonal balance first, you need to visit an endocrinologist, if only to find out that hormonal you all right second, go through gynecological examination for various "female" sores, many of them with hormones just connected.

Main enemies of cellulite - Often, women are reviewing the diet, go to the fitness center, carefully preparing for the summer and the rest at the seaside. However, undressed on the beach, discover the hips and buttocks hated "orange peel". What can we do to cellulite does not spoil you not only the look but also the holidays? Proper nutrition - Preventing the appearance of cellulite should start by changing the power system.

We know that "orange peel" appears when disturbed absorption of fat, sometimes proteins, carbohydrates or even water. Your diet should be based on limiting fat intake prohibited pastry dishes and sweets, baked goods, food, causing bloating, canned food, spicy seasonings. Authorized products should be steamed, baked or stew without the fat or the minimum amount of olive oil. The daily menu should not exceed 1200-1400 calories.

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