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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Truth About Cellulite Joey Atlas - How the fat turns into cellulite

How the fat turns into cellulite
How the fat turns into cellulite

How the fat turns into cellulite 

The Truth About Cellulite nutrient which takes away waste products, playing a vital role not only in how we look and feel like them, but in what shape is our body.

Cellulite appears exactly where the growing imbalance in the vital environment characterized by two factors: the circulation of lymph that is a slow and constant movement of the fluid, and tissue-mineral balance, especially sodium and potassium.

The lack of effectiveness of these processes leads to stagnation, which underlie the formation of cellulite. So when does the fat turns into cellulite? Because cellulite - this is no ordinary fat and simple water retention in the tissues.

Part of the connective tissue (including subcutaneous fat) in certain areas literally "blocked" due to the changes and cellulite worse and worse involved in metabolic processes. What drives these processes and, more importantly, how can we affect them? It is established that for the normal functioning of cells and tissues of our body are necessary and effective blood flow to the timely removal of the products of their life.

This means that a good blood flow must ensure the delivery of oxygen and nutrients, a good venous system - remove carbon dioxide and toxins, and good lymphatic system - carry lymph. Just think how much thought over the nature of our body!

Such modern scientific methods of research, as the Doppler, ultrasound, sonography and lymphangiography gave us an opportunity to find out exactly what is going on in the tissues during the formation of cellulite.

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