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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Truth About Cellulite Joey Atlas - How the disorder of cellulite occurs

How the disorder of cellulite occurs
How the disorder of cellulite occurs

How the disorder of cellulite occurs 

The disorder of cellulite requires to be treated and substantially within, and not only the outer cosmetics, despite the fact that cellulite is formed inside the adipose tissue of Joey Atlas.

We will try in a more accessible way to explain what happens to our bodies, and you try to imagine all this and understand it. Immediately beneath the outer skin or epidermis cover is loose connective tissue consisting mainly of fat cells, which store energy, and fibroblasts, special cells that synthesize collagen fibers of collagen and elastin, which are the cellular network structure, which provides strength and elasticity of the skin cover and, finally, the intercellular ground substance or material having the structure of a gel and playing the role of a "glue" that links together all the parts of the skin.

All of these components are penetrated by blood, lymph vessels and nerve endings of the fibers. If the skin is smooth and elastic, this means that in the skin there is a harmonious balance between all its components.

This equilibrium can be disturbed, and quite easily. The imbalance in the body occurs when the wrong lifestyle undermines the foundations of the life support system of our body and note that the harmony is disturbed in the first place in the internal environment of the body, the environment, which consists of fluid that all the cells of the body.

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